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Commonly Asked Questions 
What is hypertension?
Hypertension is high blood pressure. When the blood pressure, measured with a cuff on the arm or leg, is higher than expected for the child's age and size, hypertension is suspected.  Three blood pressure measurements at the doctor’s office on different days is necessary to diagnose hypertension.

Does all hypertension need treatment?
Not if it is mild. Often the doctor will ask for the blood pressure to be checked several times. If all the readings are high, then diet, exercise or medication will be recommended. If the hypertension is severe, treatment will be started right away and the child might be put in the hospital.

What tests might be done if my child is diagnosed with high blood pressure?
It is important to determine the cause of the hypertension. Physical examination, urine and blood tests, electrocardiogram, and cardiac ultrasound might be done. Kidney disease can be a common cause of hypertension in children. So often, children with hypertension are evaluated by a kidney specialist (Pediatric Nephrology) as well.

Is high blood pressure inherited?
Often, other family members may have high blood pressure. The tendency to develop high blood pressure can be inherited.