Lipid Testing
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Commonly Asked Questions

If my child has heart disease will the doctor check for high cholesterol?
Doctors check for high cholesterol in children who have family members who have had heart attacks at a young age, or if there is a known family history of high cholesterol. Children with heart defects do not usually have high cholesterol.

How is a lipid test done?
Blood is tested for elevation of cholesterol and other fat substances in the blood which are called lipids. If just the cholesterol is to be checked, the blood can be obtained from a vein or finger stick at any time of the day. If all of the lipids are to be checked, the blood must be drawn from a vein in the morning, with nothing to eat or drink after midnight in order to get an accurate sample.

What happens if the cholesterol or lipid tests are high?
Diet and medication recommendations would be made based on the child's age and the level of the tests and the family history. Often a referral might be made to a specialist in preventing heart problems and to a nutritionist.